Health Care Services

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Since the establishment of organization CEVA is working for the most indigenous community in the Himalayan region and to improve their health status through raising awareness and organizing health check-up camps in remote and far flung areas especially Pangi, Bharmour, Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur.

Our health camps were conducted this year in Pangi, Bharmour and Kinnaur. These camps were held under the ageis of HimVeda in the far flung villages rather than headquarters so that we could get a clear picture of the health scenario. It was found that malnutrition was rampant in school going kids. This malnutrition leads to disorders like anemia and suppurative otitis media which is the main cause of preventable deafness. So awareness can go a long way in preventing deafness. Similarly majority of the women were found to be suffering from leucorrhoea which results due to hard labour and is easily preventable by awareness. Likewise tuberculosis can also be kept at bay. Apart from awareness we would also like to follow up on the patients under our treatment to clinch the issue.
These camps were on volunteer basis but this time we would like to seek the help of the health department in this regard.