An individual who uses money having sexual intercourse, always relating to prostitution

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An individual who uses money having sexual intercourse, always relating to prostitution

trappin’ step one. adj. The work out-of dealing inside and or that have promoting pills for the fresh accumulation of wealth for personal obtain. “Yo, immediately after Larry had you to definitely manage them cartels, the guy trappin’.”

remove ’em 1. to improve otherwise confront individuals that have a discovered prerequisite. To educate anyone. “Your betta cure ’em just before We reduce ’em.”

trick step one. “Yo Calvin. Who has you to trick more there with Jamie?” dos. In addition to utilized due to the fact a verb. “The thing that makes Tiffany turning methods?” otherwise “Oh, he’s merely a secret.”

triflin step 1. v. To help you cheat on your own boyfriend or girlfriend or to end up being a beneficial poor lover inside relationships. “Rick! Have you been trifflin having Jackie? Your top pledge Tomeka don’t see . . . she’ll start a can on you!” dos. “Child, Monica try straight triflin’!” step three. Someone who is actually unpleasant as well as becomes on the individuals nervousness.

Talking trailing a good buddy’s straight back, straight back stabbing; somebody who wants drama and brings everyone else inside the on their mess

trill step 1. adj. an individual who was highly regarded regarding roads while they ‘ensure that is stays real’; originates from the language correct and you can real. “Hey these types of ni##a’s was trill you don’t need to care about not one person snitchin’.” Lyrical site: FLO RIDA – Act like You are sure that my personal opening squad iced aside my nigga thus trill my nigga thus trill ack like you discover

trippin 1. v./adv. (derived from “tripping” ) To act instance someone who is actually hallucinating or for the an acid travels. To act you to definitely anyone else get a hold of uncommon. “Lady, precisely why you trippin . . . he is not all of that!” dos. To behave in love or aggressive on the some thing otherwise with the anybody. “Eh, woman! Really don’t even understand as to the reasons he getting trippin into the me whenever We be aside.”

trolling 1. the brand new operate off purposely upsetting (even though you could potentially, you may be private) anyone else online always of the trying hack her or him towards thinking you try serious about specific dispute otherwise area you’re looking to create, otherwise really attacking him or her, otherwise saying impolite responses. “David’s on the web trolling with the feedback section of chapel websites merely once the the guy believes it is enjoyable to help you distressed those people spiritual individuals.”

troop step 1. letter. an extended go or journey. *Although this identity is not popular more, they still contains claiming as it has had play with that can be nonetheless in circulation in some contexts. “Taco Bell? That’s a beneficial troop . 5.”

truthiness 1. letter. when things appears to be, or is sensed to be real, although this isn’t necessarily real.

tunnin’ step one. v. To battle perfectly; battle much. A third shore & Filthy Southern identity. “Whenever i check out a party, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step one. v. yard dance or (T.U.R.F.=taking up space on to the floor) meaning playing with a big urban area as you dance. This form of dance are of this Hyphy, Krumping, otherwise Bucking and you may are originated in Oakland, California. “JJ is actually successful the fight right up until Rajaad been turfin’ on that deceive and you can took him aside.”

tweaker step one. adj. A person who is actually dependent on methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally failed to bed for more than 40 period, I will choice she’s an excellent tweaker.”

tweakin’ 1. v. to behave including anyone who has pulled Methamphetamine. To be way too much hyper otherwise active. To act surprisingly.

A sexually active people

tweaking step one. v. So you can snort or cig methamphetamine (crank, speed). Sometimes individuals will bring it intervenously. “Exactly why are you figiting really, are you currently tweaking once more?”

twigga step one. letter. a variation of the identity ‘wigga’ (light nigga), often utilized in Colorado. “Jason holds true twigga, the guy representing them twice broad trailers!” dos. n. a black person who spends Myspace and you will comes after the activities of almost every other black colored some one. “I just lay each of my personal twiggas through to next spot to hit right up tonight.”

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