Ceva envisions the overall development of tribal areas and its people in all spheres without corrupting the traditional ethos and the fragile ecosystem of the valley.



• CEVA is dedicated to work together with communities of the Himalayan region by responding to their needs for improved access to basic health, education, employment, agriculture, food security and environment etc.

• On the health front we conduct health awareness and treatment camps. Expert doctors from renowned institutes are invited to offer their services. Focus of the camps is on proper diagnosis and treatment rather than distribution of medicines.

• On the economic front, we focus on agriculture and tourism development. We are mobilizing people for tribal tourism where tourists from all over the world can enjoy the virgin beauty of the valley while experiencing the tribal culture.

• To promote education, school dropouts are rehabilitated to boarding schools. Scholarships are paid to the poor children and orphans in collaboration with different organizations.

• For environment conservation we are working on different projects like spreading awareness about forest fire prevention, conservation of forests etc.