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Agriculture is the major livelihood options for the Tribal communities. 30 Farmer Clubs have been made in Mehla, Pangi, Bharmour, Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur. They mostly practice traditional varieties of seed and crops. The farmer club activities aim at increasing the productivity through small but critical interventions in agricultural crops. Introducing new crop, technologies, etc. through successful demonstrations from eminent resource persons are the type of interventions under this project. We have introduced low cost farming solutions, environment friendly methods and financial support system to trigger the process of farmer economic development.

An individual farmer in an area may not be able to do much so these farmers club has been formed. These farmers club help them through skill empowerment, better water harvesting and management, maintaining soil fertility etc. The primary objective of the initiative is to ensure development in the tribal areas through credit, technology transfer, awareness and capacity building. Total organic farming methods are adopting by our farmers to maintain nutrients in the products and in the soil also and to give long term health benefits to the consumers.

Making agriculture greener, more efficient and fairer this is the goal of Ceva and it is achieving by encouraging and sensitizing community people on organic farming. Some farmers have been involved into non organic farming practices so we have taken initiative to eliminate those practices. We are working in Mehla, Pangi, Bharmour in Chamba District, Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur Districts where we are doing our best to reverse the farming practices by encouraging them to get into organic farming. They have made aware about how organic farming practices would help in protecting land water resources and improve farmers’ economic condition. It has long term health benefits and provides longevity.