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We are working in Mehla, Pangi, Bharmour in Chamba District, Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur Districts where we are doing our best to reverse the farming practices by encouraging them to get into organic farming. They have made aware about how organic farming practices would help in protecting land water resources and improve farmers’ economic condition. It has long term health benefits and provides longevity.

The farmers associated with the Farmer Club and FPO’s have been given training on organic farming practices. So starting from the seed the whole farming practice is based on eco friendly methods where no chemical fertilizers and pesticides, artificial colors and additives are used.

We also focus on creating awareness amongst the communities on saving forests and reducing the burden on forests. Village people are being engaged in alternative livelihood options which helps reduce the dependency of forests completely. Every activity implementation focuses on creating environment consciousness amongst villagers along with the other activities. Due to these efforts, there’s a drastic decrease in cutting down of trees in our work areas.