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Ceva is the dominant health care provider in the tribal area of Chamba. Due to tough geography and remains snow bound for most of the year the health care services are nil in this place. Ceva has taken initiative and conducted various health camps to give tribal people accessible and quality healthcare service at their doorsteps. This year also the camps were conducted in the month of June in different villages of Pangi block. Along with that for the first time, We have reached across the Eastern borders of Pangi into J&K in Gandhari valley. It is one of the most remote areas of J& K where no electricity, roads, hospitals and other basic amenities are available.

This valley has also isolated villages with unfair weather, difficult terrain and tough geography which are the main reasons of worst healthcare services in the area.

People were given consultations and free medicines were distributed among them. Various awareness camps on personal health and hygiene, cleanliness, routine habits, lifestyle diseases etc.  have been organized, which is proving fruitful to these tribal people.