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Pangi valley is an isolated valley, cut-off from the mainland for most of the times due to heavy snow and lack of proper roads. It is located in the interiors tribal area of Chamba district, which is one among the most backward and poorly developed district of India. The altitude in the Valley ranges between 2,000m to 6,000m. Heavy snow fall and semi arctic like climate make life very tough here in this region.

Pangi Valley can be approached through different routes -one of the routes is from Chamba, crossing either Sach Pass at an altitude of 4,500m or Chehni Pass at an altitude of 4,350m. This route is the shortest for those attempting from Chamba. These passes remain snow clad for most part of the year. The other route is via Kullu-Manali (H.P.) and another is via Kishtwar in J&K.

Killar, headquarter of pangi valley is situated at an altitude of 2,600m. Pangwals and Bhots are the inhabitants of the Pangi valley. As per senses 2011 Pangi Valley has 3933 households with 18894 populations.The condition of tribal people especially women in this area is very worst with lowest literacy rates, and therefore do not have the capacity to negotiate pay or contracts and most often engage in the unorganized sector, self-employment. Thus lacking of finance and inadequate knowledge of financial management people are unable to start any small business and livelihood based activities.

As mentioned above Pangi Valley is remote and tribal area, there is not adequate facility of health, education and livelihood. We are working for different groups of women, farmers as well as MahilaMandal to improve their social and economic status. Our target group is unprivileged people of the society. Presently we have 58 groups including MahilaMandals, Farmer Clubs and Self Help Groups (SHGs).