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As tribal tourism is dependent on natural environment, considering the wide biological diversity and the beautiful scenery, the scope of tribal tourism in Pangi valley, Lahaul Spiti and Kinnaur  is quite high. Ceva is committed in the management of tourism and conservation of nature in a way so as to maintain a fine balance between the requirements of tourism and ecology on the one hand and needs of the local tribal community for job, new skills, income generating employment and a better status for women on the other.  Tribal tourism in these areas are achieving twin goals of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. The quality of their natural environment gives these place advantage in tourism. The Himalayan mountain range will give the tourist a perfect picture of a tribal tourism. These places are full of adventure like trekking, mountaineering etc. One can enjoy natural beauty of the valley and also experience the tribal culture.

We are working towards the enhancement of the livelihood opportunities while taking care of ecosystem. Local community has made aware of the value of ecosystem and these endangered species. A drive has been initiated to save these plant and animal. We are coming forward to provide environmental education to community people at the grass root level.

We have developed the concept of eco home stay facility. Home stays provide a distinctive, reliable, authentic tourist accommodation which maintain and share a traditional way of life based on eco-friendly concepts and the host communities would obtain a fair return for their services and investment. Concept of home stay allowed cultural interaction and experiences. Home stays gives personalized feeling with distinctive accommodation.

Ceva is helping community people in strengthening their socio- economic status by generating employment with in the local spheres. Their culture and tradition is also gaining strength through Tribal tourism.